We have a large stock of spare parts for all brands available, to offer quick maintenance, warranty and technical support


In Marina Dorica, Nautiservice has 130 berths in two pontoon moorings close to its structure, safe and equipped with water and electricity on the quay: they are suitable for both motorboats and sailing boats from 08/10/12 to 15 meters. Yearly, monthly and daily (transit) mooring contracts.


The fiberglass hull of all boats absorbs water, albeit slowly, and over time this can lead to several problems of sealing of the sandwich, possible delamination, as well as osmosis and weighting.


The ideal service to use and shelter boats and rafts up to 5.50 meters/6.00. It leaves to you only the pleasure of owning and using your boat, without the worry of leaving it unused in an outdoor area, or having to spend for an antifouling to keep it at sea, or the dilemma of where to store it out of season


This activity is based on the shipyard, large-size and offering a complete range of services: a shed of 4,500 sqm meters with a workshop and shelters, as well as another 5,000 sqm of outdoor work area. The site has also a travel lift (up to 12,000 kg) with a possible additional service up to 65,000 kg using other port facilities. Go to assistance